About us

The mission of the Stefan Kuryłowicz Foundation is to promote and support bold and responsible architectural work. The patron of the Foundation, Professor Stefan Kuryłowicz was an outstanding architect. He believed that architectural and urban order can be achieved through thoughtful cooperation between experts in various domains. He was also convinced that a good reputation is a prerequisite to achieve artistic freedom, that can be only granted by the public. That is why, during his entire life he sought to strengthen the position of an architect in the public conscience.

Hence, the main goal of the Foundation is to promote the heritage of Stefan Kuryłowicz – his professional attitude, as well as his achievements: constructed buildings, publications, business ideas and didactic output.

One of the most distinctive ways of accomplishing the mission of the Foundation is through the Stefan Kuryłowicz Award, presented in the two following categories: THEORY and PRACTICE.

Moreover, the Foundation launches actions aimed at promoting the profession of an architect and popularising the rules of architectural and urban order in public space. It also supports undertakings that boost the development of local communities as well as of institutions promoting public good, including entities responsible for preservation and conservation of monuments.

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Stefan Kuryłowicz believed that each architectural task may be perceived as an act of creation. Such an act results from a harmonious combination of pragmatism, required because of its engineering and economic character, and beauty, stemming from a bold act of imagination supported by wisdom. That is why the Stefan Kuryłowicz Award is presented in two categories: THEORY and PRACTICE.



Foundation’s friends

  • Elżbieta Penderecka and the Ludwig van Beethoven Association
  • Witold Lutosławski Philharmonic of Wrocław
  • TVN Foundation
  • Mazovian Chamber of Architects
  • International Cultural Centre in Krakow
  • Secretary of State Olgierd Dziekoński, Chancellery of the President
  • The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
  • The State Etnographic Museum in Warsaw
  • PILKINGTON Polska Ltd.
  • SANITEC Kolo
  • Union of Polish Architects
  • Polish Cement Association
  • Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology